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Admiration takes on a whole new level when you appreciate just how complex it is to run a modern business.
— Ursula Burns


Ladyblue Managed Infrastructure services allow you to focus on your core market while we focus on every aspect of your IT environment IT environments or infrastructure is a vital part of everyday business. Ladyblue can manage Network, Storage &Backup, Systems, Applications, Data Center, and Data Security Infrastructures. We want you to focus on being great at what you do while we make sure every aspect of your IT infrastructure is scaling and functional.  Our team of certified and highly skilled engineers will make sure you are running at the highest of quality. Click Here to Learn More

ENTERPRISE Virtualization & cloud

Ladyblue Managed Enterprise Virtualization & Cloud services allow you to take advantage of the cloud hosting and computing solutions that keep you competitive in your industry. Technology is continuously evolving and hybrid IT environments are the future. We take pride in implementing innovation and your scalability into the cloud & virtualization environments. Our skilled and certified team can manage, migrate, support, monitor, and architect your cloud, virtual, and hosted environments as well as technologies. We focus on smart business for your companies IT environment now and scalability for the future.  Click Here to Learn More

Operations Support

Ladyblue Managed Operations Support services keep your IT environment running with the highest percentage of uptime. Having an IT department is essential in today's evolving business environments. We understand that and our season ITIL certified team can make sure your business is running efficiently. Let us be that extra layer of experience support for your existing IT help desk and personnel. The health of your network, systems, services, and applications are monitored 24/7 365 by our experts. Click Here to Learn More



Ladyblue Managed Security service allows you to focus on your core business, while we focus on keeping your data and IT environment secure. Our team of seasoned engineers monitors 24/7 to detect, mitigate, configure, and manage all your security needs. On a daily basis, we deliver security for your network, systems, applications, storage, computer systems, etc. We will ensure that your security scales with your business. This includes but not limited to enterprise IDS, IPS, mitigate network threats/vulnerabilities, vulnerability scans, industry standard compliance management, and internet-based applications/communication tools. Click Here to Learn More


Ladyblue Professional Business Consulting services allow you to solve business problems and use technology to assist in the scale of your business. Our seasoned consultant teams can provide guidance, strategy, engineering, scalability, and project management that leads to long-term IT solutions for your company. Our experts provide enterprise consulting for short-term projects, website consulting, implementations, new technologies integrations, migrations, health checks, an audit of IT infrastructure, or IT solutions renewals/reviews, etc. We make sure that you have experts guide you through the best IT solutions that match your business needs as well as gives you the ability to scale in the future.  Click Here to Learn More


LLadyblue IT Development & Training services allow you to fine-tune your IT processes. IT is a necessity to the way business is done today. We aim to manage your environments but also empower you with the opportunity to learn how to manage your processes and environments while having us there to every step of the way. With a wide variety of IT solutions experience; our experts can train, develop, and improve IT management processes for your internal teams.   Click Here to Learn More